Analog Coffee and Spolumbo's Fine Foods

Russ Prefontaine 

President of The Fratello Group 

After driving around Calgary interviewing different food venue's and commissaries, I decided to stop by Spolumbo's for one of their famous veal parmigiana sandwiches, and it hit me. Why not ask one of Calgary's beloved brands Spolumbo's to work directly with The Fratello Group in helping Analog Coffee elevate our sandwiches to a new level!

I'm really excited about this announcement of our companies working together. The goal with our food program has always been to serve our guests the highest quality products that both Chris and I would be excited about. 

Our sister company Corbeaux Bakery has given us the unique ability to customize our food program to meet our specific needs at Analog.

It is only though Corbeaux that our food program has been as well received as it is today. We have been trying different ideas in the bakery over the last few years with our sandwich program, and honestly, it didn't work. We were trying to do to many things really well, and weren't staying focused on what we were best at... BAKING. All our breads and pastries continue to be 100% handmade from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients. Our new strategy for sandwiches was to find a company to use our bread, and their skills with sandwich production. Both Chris and I have been eating and enjoying Spolumbo's since 1991, the year both our companies were established (Chris and Jason Prefontaine with Espuccino Imports) and both having our offices in Inglewood. 

We would often visit the guys, and eat one of the "Spolumbo's Specials" while listening to Tony Spoletini tell us jokes. We would often see each other at the local restaurant trade shows, or doing community events. 

Today, both companies enjoy working at Farmers Markets and offering our products through Calgary Co-Op. So, when I spoke to Tony, it was only natural that we start working together a little closer and offer their famous sandwiches through our Analog locations, using our Corbeaux fresh bakes breads. I've always loved their products, but on our breads, it is an even better experience.  

 We hope that you are as excited about this change as we are! 

A bit about Spolumbo's

The transition from professional CFL football players, for the Calgary Stampeders, turned sausage makers is a vision that began in the community of Inglewood in 1991. Tom Spoletini, Tony Spoletini and Mike Palumbo - all three native Calgarian sons - ended their athletic careers and decided to take their shared family recipes of homemade Italian artisan sausages to market. 

Leaning on Tom's in-laws for their significant restaurant experience and guidance to help them navigate the industry in the beginning, the three guys drew on their familiar teamwork skills to build a clientele and a brand, and Spolumbo's was born. 

Tome and Tony Spoletini with friend and teammate Mike Palumbo put their last names together to from Spolumbo's. Spolumbos' success is born of high-quality Italian sausages with authentic flavours, and genuine European artisan-ship using only the finest cuts of meat and the highest quality all-natural spices. 

Today Spolumbo's features many varieties of pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, venison and bison products, showcasing both classic and creative recipe combinations in sausages, patties, meatballs and bulk ground mixtures. They remain committed to servicing specialty niche demands for customers of all sizes while pursuing expansion into new markets throughout Canada. Spolumbo's bright future is fixed soundly on the cornerstone of producing uncompromising quality products.