Bolivian Buena Vista


Bolivian Buena Vista

Sweet & Nutty

Sweet and nutty with notes of apple and chocolate
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About the Bean

When our green coffee buyer David first arrived in Bolivia, the room spun; a result of the incredible altitude that he was experiencing. A gift of tea made from leaves of the coca plant was offered by a friendly cab driver to combat the altitude sickness, a customary drink to offer travelers.

Thankfully for David, Buena Vista is located deep within a valley, just past the "death road" (yes, that's literally what everyone calls it - it's absolutely terrifying). The location is ideal because it lies directly in the centre of the coffee growing region of Caravani. Bolivia as a coffee producing nation is largely comprised of farmers with very small amounts of land. Buena Vista acts as a purchaser of cherries for this area. Unlike some wealthier countries, like Costa Rica, the farmers of Bolivia almost never own the equipment that would allow them to process their own coffee cherries, so centralized mills like Buena Vista are a necessity.

Buena Vista is at the forefront of cultivation of new varietals within Bolivia. A test farm has cropped up near the mill, where different breeds of coffee plants are grown with the intent of finding varietals that will perform better specifically in the Caravani region.

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