Himalaya Pacamara

El Salvador

Himalaya Pacamara

Exotic & Sweet

Exotic & sweet with notes of pomelo & strawberry
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About the Bean

Mauricio Salaverria has done it again!


Pacamara is a very special variety of coffee: presenting an exceptional cup quality, while being very susceptible to disease. A cross between the popular Pacas and Maragogype varietals, Pacamara was developed and popularized in the country of El Salvador, where it frequently dominates Cup of Excellence competitions with its high-quality flavor. The Pacamara coffee tree is notable for its very thick foliage and large leaves, while producing cherries and beans that are enormous in size. In the cup, Pacamara delivers very complex and nuanced flavors and they require a great deal of skill while roasting due to their large size.


Mauricio simply grows some of the best Pacamara we have ever tasted. He takes extra care to ripen the cherries to the absolute limit; when we visited he was the last producer in his area to still have cherries on his trees. This results in a very, very sweet and fruity profile, truly exotic and special. Mauricio loves all of his coffees, but he is absolutely enamored with his Pacamara and grows it with enthusiasm and pride. While drying his coffee, he takes extra care to ensure his Pacamara is placed in an area of his mill that is very cool, lengthening the amount of time it takes to fully dry the coffee.


Mauricio grows Pacamara at several of his farms, but the selection from Finca Himalaya is particularly noteworthy. The farm is nearly completely covered in shade, looking more like a jungle than a coffee farm, and at night-time, the temperature drops heavily. This means Mauricio’s Pacamara takes a very long time to develop cherries, resulting in a more complex, sweet tasting profile.


Mauricio’s coffee is simply divine and we are honored to present his Pacamara, from Finca Himalaya, to you.

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