Mambo #5

El Salvador

Mambo #5

Flamboyant & Lush

Mambo #5

El Salvador

Delicate & Lush

With notes of Red wine & Mixed Berry






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About the Bean

To say Mauricio is an interesting guy would be a bit of an understatement. Very few farmers we’ve met possess the incredible passion that Mauricio does. Walking through his farms, it was immediately apparent that Mauricio was deeply in love with his coffee. He cared for his trees deeply and was incredibly excited to show off all of his favorite cultivars. Mauricio loves to experiment with different ways to process his coffee. His milling stations were more like laboratories, with different experimental lots all over the place. This wouldn’t be possible if not for Mauricio’s terrific palate. He is tough on his coffees and doesn’t accept anything less than near perfection. His approach to growing coffee is very similar to how we roast it: experiment, taste and try again until it’s perfect.

Maurico’s experimental side also extends to the types of coffees he grows at his farms. Mambo #5 comes from the Cuzcatleco varietal, created in El Salvador about 10 years ago to combat leaf rust. Mauricio found that if planted at high altitudes, this type of coffee created an outstanding cup. The name Mambo was given by an Australian visitor. We think the name suits the coffee, it’s as lively as a coffee can be.

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