San Antonio


San Antonio

Fruity & Sweet
Notes of vanilla & blackberry

Fruity & Sweet with notes of vanilla & blackberry
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About The Bean

Willy Perez is the owner and operator of Finca San Antonio, one of four very well maintained farms located in Huehuetenango, near the border of Mexico. Willy’s personal mill and washing station, which is just past the community soccer field is immaculate, with cute, little housing arrangement for guests. Willy is a humble man, with a great sense of humor and a terrific moustache his and his approach to growing coffee is methodical and thorough. His irrigation techniques are terrific: Willy has dammed a small waterfall, creating a reservoir which is then pumped to the top of the farm and then gravity fed to all of his plants. This allows Willy to ensure his trees get water during flowering, instead of being at the mercy of the weather. We’ve never seen anything like it. His reservoir is also full of crabs and trout and we have a fishing trip planned for 2018. Willy owns an extensive catalog of coffee varietals: caturra, catuai, bourbon and typica.

Willy’s son Danny primarily handles sale and customer interaction. However, he has become very involved in processing and some innovating on the farm level. This has allowed San Antonio to flourish as one of the best and most progressive farms in the region. All of this is immediately apparent in the cup.

We made tortillas with Willy during a recent trip. We weren’t very good at it. Willy laughed at us.

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