Handy Brew Tea - Tea Infuser
Handy Brew Tea - Tea Infuser
Handy Brew Tea - Tea Infuser
Handy Brew Tea - Tea Infuser

Handy Brew Tea - Tea Infuser

Excellent full immersion brewing method for loose leaf tea. Used at Analog Cafe to brew all of our loose leaf tea. These units hold up to 16oz of water and feature a release valve at the bottom that dispenses tea when the base is placed over a cup!

Can also be used to brew Coffee!


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    Product Information

    Contrary to our coffee-centric name, at Analog we do drink and enjoy other beverages. In particular, we love high quality tea. But to release all of its complexities and delicious flavours tea has to be brewed carefully.

    Enter the BrewT - a Canadian designed, BPA-free plastic steep-and-release tea brewer. It’s a simple yet extremely effective device that allows you to steep your loose tea and then stand it on top of your cup. A valve releases the fluid while ensuring no unwanted leaves take up residence in your cup. You can thendo second and third steeps if your tea allows it.

    But the good news doesn’t end there. You can also brew coffee through it and get great results! 

    A tea brewer that also brews coffee? It must be the devil's work! Well, maybe so - but you know you want one anyway. It includes:

    • A valved container for the fluid
    • A filter that fits in the bottom and is easily removable for cleaning
    • A detatchable lid
    • A drip collecting coaster on which to stand your beautiful BrewT