Alasitas Caturra


Alasitas Caturra

Sweet & Nutty

Creamy & smooth with notes of toffee & Vanilla
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About the Bean

Alasitas is becoming known as somewhat of a legendary farm in Bolivia. The state of coffee in the land-locked nation of Bolivia is dire, farmers are turning away from growing coffee in droves towards more resilient and money-making crops – namely coca, which is grown for the drug trade. The Rodriguez Family, amidst this situation have stood up and are leading by example as some of Bolivia’s more noteworthy and quality focused producers.


Like many countries with low coffee production, farming practices are poor and diseases, such as roya, run rampant. By incorporating better farming practices at Alasitas and longer drying times on their raised bed, the Rodriguez Family has brought out the absolute best in their coffee. Bolivia is a nation of incredible altitudes, and this creates a much more interesting and flavorful cup of coffee.


Caturra is a very standard variety of coffee, but one that absolute benefits from being grown at high altitudes. The plant is not particularly resistant to disease, but is very easy to manage and care for, due to its adorably short height and size – in fact the word Caturra is derived from the Guarani word meaning "small." Caturra plants also produce a surprisingly nice amount of cherries for their size, making them an attractive proposition for coffee farmers.


We love what the Rodriguez Family is doing in Bolivia and hope to celebrate their hard work by roasting this coffee with care and precision.

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