Clean & Bright
Notes of Grape Soda & Citrus

This fully washed Ethiopian is clean & bright with notes of grape soda and citrus.
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About the Bean

Coffee has been grown in Ethiopia's Jimma Zone for generations. For years, the region was synonymous with low-quality coffees. Despite having a terrific climate and altitude for growing high-quality coffee, quality control practices in the area were unfortunately overlooked and coffee cherries were processed in a traditional, unclean way. Farmers in the Jimma Zone received very low prices for their coffee cherries, as the region was considered to be inferior to other Ethiopian coffee growing areas.
In 2010, roughly 100 coffee farmers joined forces and founded Duromina in an effort to climb out of intense poverty by improving quality. By partnering up with the NPO Technoserve, the producers received valuable technical support and business advice. The members of Duromina, with the help of Technoserve, were able to finance and install a wet mill and began to process fully-washed coffee.
Duromina had planned to pay-off their loan in 4 years, gambling on the hope that their coffee would fetch a much higher price. Thankfully, the quality improvement was so drastic that the members were able to sell their coffee at a whopping 65% premium over the international commodity price. Duromina was able to repay their loan in just 1 year! 
Duromina is one of the best stories in all of coffee: once some of the lowest paid farmers in the land of bad coffee, now celebrated for growing and processing some of highest quality coffees in the entire country. Duromina means "to improve lives" and they've lived up to their name.

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