Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Our Quest to Produce Some of the World’s Greatest Coffees

We go to incredible, almost ridiculous lengths to make sure every cup of Analog coffee expresses the natural flavour of the bean. That means we sweat every little detail. We understand that everything makes a difference: knowing when to harvest, the way we roast the beans and the actual brewing of the coffee itself. Everything matters when it comes to coffee. How much sunlight does the tree get while it grows? How do you manipulate a roast to express clarity and balance? How can we make sure everyone who tries a cup of our coffee tastes vivid, memorable flavours?

It’s these questions and a hundred more like them that forms the Analog Coffee experience. By addressing them with the greatest care and attention (and maybe just a little bit of obsession) we can deliver epic coffee experiences to all the communities we serve. This is the story of how we bring Analog Coffee to you.

Partnering With Growers

It All Begins on the Farm

Our ideal is to partner with growers around the world who share our passion for making great coffee. Many of our producers have been growing coffee for decades, their craft passed down from generation to generation. As a result, they have deep experience in the art of nurturing their land and their trees to produce the finest possible coffee cherries.

We build long term partnerships with our farmers. We rely on them and they rely on us. This relationship allows us to work together to create the conditions and processes that produce consistently superb coffees year after year. The individual offerings reflect the conditions in which they were grown, with subtle, shifting nuances of flavour, body and acidity.

Making A Difference

Our Partners and Friends

One of the most satisfying elements of a personalized approach to working with growers is watching their businesses and lives change over a long period of time. These are not faceless producers in a foreign country. These are people we spend time with, people we know by name.

Our partnerships directly improves the lives of our farmers, their families and their surrounding communities. That is a point-of-pride for everyone in the Analog family, and something you can share in and taste when you enjoy our coffee.

Growing, Harvesting & Processing

Every Detail Matters

All the fancy grinding and brewing equipment in the world won’t make a difference if we don’t first find perfectly produced coffee. That’s why our producers harvest by hand-picking. That way only perfectly ripe cherries are selected while overripe and green cherries are sorted out. Our growers spend day after day moving from tree to tree, harvesting only the best cherries. This ensures that the quality of our coffee is not hindered by any shortcuts.

Our growers utilize a variety of different processing techniques from honey processing to fully washed and beyond – all depending on what they believe will coax the best flavor from the varietal. By the time the coffee leaves the farm on its journey to our roasterie in Calgary, hundreds of people will have contributed to its creation.


We Don’t Mask the Taste of Our Coffee

When we roast our beans, we want to create a profile that best expresses the varietal and the region where it was grown. That’s both an art and a science! We roast every offering with a custom approach, all with the goal of telling a story in every cup.

Our Calgary-based roasters are always on the leading edge of their trade. They’re highly skilled at managing the variables of a roast, producing beans with vibrant aromas and creating the best possible flavour for each coffee.


Brewed to Perfection

Our Baristas are the last important link in the chain. They are well-trained experts in the art of brewing. They’re working with state-of-the-art machinery and a fine eye to detail. In fact, when an Analog Barista is standing behind the counter brewing your coffee, you’ll feel confident that they are making sure this final step is done with all the care, attention and intention shown by each and every person who has cared for the coffee bean since it was planted.

That’s how you know that when you’re handed a cup of Analog Coffee, you’re tasting some of the best coffee in the world. Every time.

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