Our Food

Our Food

From Great Passion Comes Great Food

We’re often asked why a coffee company would endeavor to start an upscale ‘from-scratch’ bakery & patisserie!?  We did it because we wanted to create an even better café experience for our guests!  We’ve done a lot of traveling in search of cool ideas to incorporate at Analog.  We saw how complimentary the ‘bakery culture’ was to the coffee scene and envisioned bringing some of that European and Metropolitan culture home!  We felt that nothing went better with coffee then fresh baking!

From-Scratch Bakery… No Small Undertaking

We don’t do anything without going all the way, including starting a bakery! From the very start our vision was to incorporate traditional methods of European baking with a contemporary approach. This ambitious project has had a very steep learning curve. But we press on, continuing to put as much effort and intention into our food as we do our coffee. In fact, our team of Chefs and Master Bakers make virtually everything from scratch. Our natural sourdough bread is fermented 48 hours before baking, our pastries are made from-scratch with all natural premium ingredients, we laminate our croissant dough by hand using real butter, we slow roast our own meat, and even make our own all-natural yogurt which is a 24 hour process. We don’t add preservatives, we only use natural ingredients, simply put, we don’t cut corners!

An Ever Shifting Array of Tastes & Treats

Our food menu changes regularly as a shift in the seasons ignites our team’s desire to try new flavours and seasonal, trending ingredients. We also add new items as our own dining experiences around the world inspires us to create dishes our guests have never tried before. We love great food and we love sharing it with our community. At the core of that passion we’re always asking, "what else can we make that will absolutely blow everyone away?"

Spaces and Places to Drink, Eat — and Live

Our purpose and our cause is to embrace and enhance the culture in our city and to bring a surrounding richness to the communities which we serve. Whether you’ve come to visit with friends, or to escape for a quiet moment alone to watch the world go by, our hope is that you feel as though you’ve been spoiled and treated as part of the family.

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