Finca Himalaya

El Salvador

Finca Himalaya

Bright & Sweet

This coffee is bright and sweet with notes of golden apples and raspberry.

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About the Bean

Mauricio is one of the most quality focused producers we have ever worked with. We are constantly impressed with his laser-focused, one-minded pursuit of the best possible cup at all costs. Mauricio places a particular emphasis on picking his cherries when they are extremely ripe, tip-toeing the line of being too ripe, which is a risky proposition that most farmers steer clear from. He uses a brix meter to determine when a coffee cherry has the most sugar content possible. As a result, Mauricio's coffees are almost impossibly sweet and complex - expressing the flavour of the fruit in the best possible way.


Finca Himalaya is a particularly gorgeous farm, especially as the sun sets over the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. Mauricio's care for his coffee extends to the beauty of the farm, which boasts eye-popping views of neat and tidy caturra shrubs planted amidsts a lush, dense forest, among other incredible sights.

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