Flore Silvestre


Flore Silvestre

Comforting & Clean

Comforting and clean with notes of hazelnut and vanilla.
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About the Bean

The typical way to dry coffee in Nicaragua involves resting the coffee on long black tarps in the hot sun. These tarps become incredibly hot, drying the coffee extremely quickly and producing a low quality product. At Expocamo, founder Francisco Javier Valle Garcia endeavors to dry coffee much more slowly because he knows that by doing so, he can improve the quality massively, and as a result, offer some of Nicaragua’s finest coffees to roasters like ourselves. In Ocotal, Francisco has built a truly astonishing amount of raised drying beds, all covered by shade. Using this method, it can take up to 17 days to bring the coffee to a stable shipping point. It’s a more difficult and less efficient way to dry coffee, but the difference in the cup is staggering.

Francisco is a pioneer in Nicaraguan coffee. His team of agronomists, cuppers and coffee professionals, as well as his incredible knowledge of every piece of the coffee chain, is challenging our perceptions of how Nicaraguan coffees can taste.

Unfortunately, Nicaragua was somewhat left behind in the specialty coffee boom. While farmers from Costa Rica and Panama were seeing huge monetary rewards for producing high quality coffees, their Nicaraguan counterparts continued to sell their coffees - which had great potential - to anonymous exporters for a fraction of the price they were truly worth. Now farmers receive full transparency: cupping scores, prices paid for the coffee and feedback on their processes.

We were honored to support Francisco’s fine work by purchasing Flor Silvestre, a blend of coffees from many small farmers near the coffee town of Ocotal. We know the farmers received good prices and terrific advice on how to improve the flavour of their coffee in the coming years. We also know that the coffee was processed with care and attention to detail. This was a win-win deal.

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