Clean & Juicy

Clean and fruity with notes of red liquorice and key lime.
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About the Bean

Kibingo is located in the commune of Kayanza, in the northern part of Burundi. The station lies at 1800m above sea level. Surrounding farmers harvest Bourbon in the neighboring hills at an altitude of 1700m-1900m. Kibingo is a large washing station, purchasing coffee from over 3000 small farmers. The washing station is equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, and 165 drying beds. During the harvest season, Kibingo produces more than 750 tons of green coffee. 


Kayanza is known as one of Burundi's best coffee growing regions. Coffee farms lie in the highlands, where the soil is rich and volcanic. Farmers in these beautiful hills are also assisted by Kibingo's team of agronomists. The agronomists will help the farmers improve the quality and productivity of their trees, as well as address some of the environmental and socio-economic concerns in the area.


Kibingo produced the winning Cup of Excellence coffee of 2017 in Burundi. 

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