Las Tolas

Las Tolas

Complex & Bright
Notes of lemongrass & pomelo grapefruit

Complex & Bright with notes of lemongrass, pomelo grapefruit
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About the Bean

Arnaud Causse is the number one reason why Analog
sources from Ecuador. He is one of the finest producers
we’ve dealt with and his coffees are just so unique.
After spending many years in El Salvador as a coffee
agronomist he brought his Caturra, Pacas, Bourbon
Tekisic, Pacamara and Java seed stock to Ecuador.
Arnaud has been cultivating coffee in Gualea for more
than two decades now on Las Tolas. In 2013, Arnaud
began a project farm just north of Quito named La
Lolita, where he grows and distils herbs and cares for
six different coffee varieties which makes up Terrazas
del Pisque.

Before settling in Ecuador, Arnaud began his journey
working on coffee projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda,
then moved on to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador
and Costa Rica. Arnaud’s extensive agronomy
experience is unique and he has worked in more facets
of coffee production than most anyone in the industry.

Arnaud is an active leader in Las Tolas-based coffee
production. He’s shared his varietals with three other
farmers in the area: Gilda Carrascal, Hernan Zuniga, and
Christian Marlin. He has helped each of these farms
get off the ground by providing the proper varietals
and coaching them through production. The coffees
from this season are delicious and we expect them to
improve annually for the foreseeable future.

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